My name is Noah Cebuliak.  

I am a multi-talented, organized, super-effective and creative dynamo.  

I'd like to show what I can offer you and your business.

Why I'm Your Man.

An Overview Of My Strengths

I Love Working With People To Achieve Their Dreams.

From years of working with people, I believe I have found the holy grail: the unmatched joy received from truly helping others. One might call this empathy, but to me it's just natural. I love people. I love to be of service, and to assist in the realization of long-held dreams, projects and goals. 

I'm Bilingual.

Besides my native English, my university degree is in the Spanish language. Having travelled to Spain and learned from the ground up, I know what it's like to put myself in the shoes of a local and to think in an entirely different way. While Spanish may be an accessory in our work together, my expanded worldview would prove critical to finding practical, yet creative solutions for your business.

I Work Hard.

Yeah, everyone says that. I actually do. My family has immigrant roots; that means solid, focused work ethic. I never phone it in for something I believe in. And if we're going to work together, you better believe I believe in you and your business. So let's roll up the sleeves and get going. 

Technology Is A Breeze.

I'm familiar with a variety of online tools: Asana, G Suite, Wordpress, Evernote, Leadpages. And anything I don't know, I learn fast. I consider knowledge gaps a liability and I take them very seriously. If there's a tool your business uses with which I'm not familiar, I will master it during training.

I Meditate.

Life is crazy. Managing hundreds of details, desires and goals must be supported with a go-to practice of stillness. I also do yoga, lift, and explore the wilderness with my partner. I value balance and spiritual integration in my personal life very highly, and I believe this to be one of my strongest assets to your business. I'm qualified, and I'm eager, but I'm also consistently joyous and grateful in my own life.  

I Love Details.

Working on the intricacies of a project is where I thrive. I love the deep focus and effort that is required to parse out the finely tuned details, because it gets me "in the zone." I live for that flow state.  

I Prize Efficient, Graceful Planning.

In 2013, I booked a 30-date solo tour across Western Canada for my first album. Unlike most tours of independent musicians, I came out in the black. This wasn't because I got lucky. On the contrary, it was because I had correctly researched and anticipated where my tour was vulnerable - to disruptions, weather, poor attendance, etc - and planned accordingly. I knew exactly where I was going, when, and how much it would cost. My tour went off without a hitch.

I'm Resilient.

I've done some difficult things in my life - most recently, building a house. It wasn't easy at all, and I wanted to quit, but I didn't. And that's a central part of me: perseverance. When the going gets tough, I keep going. I've always been that way.

I've Been Places.

A passionate adventurer at heart, I've been to some wild places and back. From some of the world's most dangerous zones (think North-eastern Lebanon, or no-go corners of Istanbul) to remote Pacific Islands, to the frigid, wild north of my native Canada, I know what it's like to set foot on foreign and exotic trails. Better yet, I understand how to bring back that hero's journey back to earth, and apply the wisdom in my work and personal life.

I Think Fast. 

Once, when lost on a mountain in Northern England, I came to a fork in the path. Dusk was falling, and heavy snow as well. I had to quickly choose between left and right as I attempted to descend from the peak to safety. I listened to my gut and went left. I descended for a few more minutes and then looked back up at the mountain where I had been just before. If I had gone right, I would have gone over a cliff. From that experience I learned how to listen to that still small voice rather than panic when the stakes get high.

I'm A Patient, Eloquent Communicator.

In my view, communication is 90% listening. My natural ability to listen, and then rephrase a client's desires and challenges is well-trained from my work with people. Being a musician doesn't hurt either. When it comes to making people feel special, heard and understood, I know to listen first before anything else.

Me on a life-changing trip to Lebanon.

More About Me

Cool Stuff I've Done (And Still Do)

Professional Musician

This Flame I Carry

I have worked as a musician and producer since 2013. Besides developing my creative ability to a high degree, my experience has rewarded me with a broad base of essential, highly transferrable online skills.

  • Project Management - This is the key skill I have developed over the years of organizing and executing album recording projects. Day-to-day financials, collaborator logistics, project launches, timelines - all in my wheelhouse.
  • Crowdfunding - In 2014, I organized and executed a successful 4 figure Kickstarter campaign for the independent publication of my first collection of writing. This is proof of my organizational skills and my ability to sell.
  • Grantwriting - In 2014 and 2015, I wrote and received 4 and 5 figure provincial operating grants for my work. I have also written grants for other artists, notably Anilah. Grantwriting is a notoriously meticulous art. I'm good at that kind of thing.
  • Tour Booking & Management - In addition to the tour I mentioned above, I have extensive booking and event management experience. I understand what it takes to juggle disparate agendas and budgets within a strict timeline. I also know how to use Google to find the best venue, the best route, and all kinds of other critical, minute details.
  • Digital Marketing - I am, of course, familiar with the basics of digital marketing, having used FB Ads for email list growth and fan acquisition, and curated my Instagram and Facebook accounts. While I have much to learn about marketing, I'm very, very eager to do so.
  • Traditional Media Outreach - I have managed college radio campaigns, wrote press releases, pitched albums for review to online publications, set up and conducted interviews, and more.
  • Website Design and Maintenance - I have designed and created my project's websites using Wordpress, Squarespace, and Bandzoogle.
  • Basic Graphic Design and Branding Theory - I have used Canva and Pages for show poster design, Instagram posts, album covers, etc.
  • Private Teaching - I teach through an online teaching platform called Soundfly, which allows me to hone my one-one skills further and assist others in their creative development.

Private Consultant

Apex Astrology 

Coaching and practical, applied spirituality have always been passionate interests of mine, and since 2012, I have been providing consultations to clients. Outwardly, I'd consider it my side-hustle, and inwardly, a profoundly useful compass for life's twists and turns.

  • One-To-One Skills - Like I said before, listening is my strength, and my consultations have taught me alot about that. But my experience working with people has also shown me how to speak and frame both challenges and gifts of a given situation in a compassionate, caring way. I know how to make people feel heard and understood, and how to navigate towards a solution in a non-confrontational, intuitive way.
  • Strategy - Developing various angles to a particular problem, before settling on an ideal solution that makes sense for a client, is a practice I regularly engage in my coaching work. But this has seeped out into the rest of my life too. I love strategy, and as far as I can tell, it's a critical competency in these times.
  • Clarity & Efficiency - Within the context of a one-hour consultation, there are always many tangents that could be pursued. However, this strict time-frame has forced me to learn the subtle art of distilling a mass of information and ideas into clear, concise and radically effective dialogue with my clients. The ability to focus deeply on what matters most, and discard the rest, is a major strength of mine.

Miscellaneous Experience

Depending on where I've been living, I've picked up all kinds of different work. While these jobs have been varied, I actually consider my broad base of experience an asset. It proves my adaptability, can-do attitude, and openess to new things. Here are some of those:

  • Freelance Writer - I wrote for two years as a contributor to a national Canadian media magazine called Exclaim. My collected writings are here. I believe that my experience writing short-form content would translate well into your business' content strategy.
  • Freelance Property Manager - I've most recently been living on a small island on the west coast of Canada, where I've picked up alot of hands-on, real world skills: carpentry, landscaping, Air BnB management, and more. On this island, you've got to be versatile, and learn fast.
  • Freelance VA - I've worked here and there for a couple of entrepreneurs on their day-to-day tasks, such as podcast editing, social media post design, deep research, etc. Two of these, Hutt & Rikki, are references listed below.
  • Wilderness Guide - A few years ago, I worked as a counselor and wilderness guide for two seasons at a YMCA camp. I also managed the outtripping centre, where I took responsibility for the management of hundreds of thousands of dollars of gear, food and other liabilities. Through my work at the Y, I gained fundamental skills in crisis response, leadership and relationship building.
  • Translator & School Liason - In 2012, I travelled to Spain and worked for my room and board at a language school called Academia Atlantika. Some of my duties included translating articles, greeting new students, and assisting with the school's day trips and outings. I'm not afraid to be thrust into new situations outside of my comfort zone.

Education / Training

University of Victoria (Canada) BA, Humanities (Spanish) with Distinction - GPA: 3.8/4 

200 Hr Ashtanga Teacher Training Mark Darby Sattva Yoga, Montréal, Canada  

Values & Inspirations

What Makes My Heart Beat Faster  

Exploring new places, being of service, helping someone make a dream real, being outside, creating, making music, reading inspirational authors, living in the moment, exercising ;0

My Top 10 Valued Qualities I strive for these everyday, and seek to foster them in others.

Presence. Tenacity. Clarity. Consistency. Playfulness. Appreciation. Simplicity. Warmth. Creativity. Grace.  

Some Of My Favorite Books  

Steal Like An Artist - Austin Kleon Grit - Angela Duckworth On The Road - Jack Kerouac The One Thing - Gary Keller Ignore Everybody - Hugh MacLeod Choose Yourself - James Altucher The War of Art - Steven Pressfield Lynchpin - Seth Godin Memories, Dreams, Reflections - CG Jung 


I have numerous references who attest to my character and skills that I will provide upon request.

Let's talk.

I'd like to say a big "thank you" for reading this far. I'm truly eager to put my skills and experience to use for a project or company whose values align with mine. I would love the chance to speak in person at your convenience.  

Yours Sincerely,  

Noah Cebuliak